True Freedom
The Road to the First Real Democracy and much more

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Next, there will be many new concepts presented with the primary focus of this site being the creation of government systems where as many people as possible can live a better life as they can have a greater degree of control. This statement is "true" and the possibility of getting there is "real". So what is True Freedom and can any nation actually create a Real Democracy? Well, read "True Freedom - The Road to the First Real Democacy" if you want to learn the correct answers. This is the first item on the products list. 

Where are we and where are we going? Today many groups in most nations want to have the rights to live their lives as they see fit. Unfortunately, due to ignorance, the majority of taxpayers in most nations feel that their way of life should be the only acceptable one and in most cases it is identical to the path their parents have taken. This lack of openness and acceptance of others who are different can only lead to failure. Those in the human race who are willing to accept others where personal freedom can exist amoungst every different group will be the first to leave their children with a better world. Those who continue to follow the proven failing paths of their parents will only repeat their failures and block the rights of the many to begin a better life.  Now which way do you want to go?
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There are a number of articles and books included on this site. The most important relates to the creation of a fair and taxpayer focused government system titled "True Freedom - The Road to the First Real Democracy". As mentioned above In the future there will be more to read with new articles becoming available each week